A service for bicycle aficionados,
designed and provided by someone who rides the hills every day

BicinLanga, rents bikes and cycling equipment to anyone wanting to go for a ride in the Langhe, but doesn’t have their own bike along with them (or perhaps doesn’t have a bike at all).

Aside from normal bike rentals, we also offer additional services, like a guide, by bike or van, who will accompany you along the route you choose, and help out if necessary.

Bike rental

We’re specialized in both racing and road bikes: the bike models we provide are the Bianchi Vertigo, a racing bike designed for traveling long distances, and the Kannondale Kinneto, an electric bike with pedal assistance. Along with the bike you can choose the pedal type, the gel padded seat cover, the helmet and the GPS navigator. Our bikes >

Bike guide

For those who want to go for a bike ride on our roads but don’t feel safe riding alone, or prefer to have someone “local” follow them around and tell them the peculiarities of our territory, a bike guide is ideal. A guide who will always be right by your side, ready to help you at any moment should any difficulties crop up.

Guide with van

For those who want the freedom of a bike ride, but also want to be comfortable in all situations. The guide with van is ready to help out at any given moment. He can repair the bike in case of minor problems like punctures or failures, or, if something unexpected doesn’t allow you to continue riding, he can load the bike and bring you back in no time.

If you wish, we can deliver the bike directly to your hotel!

Put together your bike!

Choose the size, the pedals, the accessories and you’re ready to go for a ride!

Book your bike

About me

Gian Brovia -

About me

My name is Gianni Brovia and I was born in 1965. I attended a ‘surveyor’ school and for almost 20 years now I’ve been working in construction.

My passion for bicycles came late. I began riding 5 years ago, mainly to keep in shape. Over time I learned to love this activity and not just from a sporting point of view.

Thanks to cycling I put into perspective the way I move around: with more freedom, with more calmness, and above all with more attention.

In fact I had the opportunity to (re)discover a number of places and roads that I had passed by dozens of times in the car, but never really appreciating their beauty.

I decided to launch this activity for two reasons.

First of all because I believe that our area lacks a reliable supplier and specialist in the field of road bike hire.

And finally, seeing as how I gained a bit of experience during these years I’d like to share it with other people who, like me, have a passion for cycling and hills.

In order to accompany those who want to go on a bike ride with a professional guide I recently “graduated” as a guide, at the National Academy of Mountain Bikes.

Bike rental with guide

Bike rental with guide

Bike rental with guide and van

Bike rental with guide and van


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